Decorative Ironwork

The information contained in this book is aimed at the specialist ironworker and will assist trainees to gain a better understanding of their craft.

This publication has been complied more with the specialist iron worker in mind. Consequently, a number of operations included under the heading of standard practice have not been described in detail. 

This book has three main aims. Firstly, to introduce a number of methods of working iron not normally found in association with scroll work. Secondly, to suggest to craftsmen by means of certain of these methods or techniques, that a return to a form of design in which flat metal surfaces, rather than narrow edges, are more prominently displayed, might tend to to produce ironwork better suited to some styles of modern architecture. Finally, the books third aim ia through the manner in which the technical material is presented would prompt those receptive of new ideas to enter the experimental field through the medium of design, and create for themselves.

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Decorative ironwork